How Its Made

Maple Syrup

During the late winter months as spring is approaching we come across the months of February, March an April, these are the months in witch we make are 100% pure maple syrup. We hope for nights below freezing and day temperatures in the low 40s. This allows the sap in the tree to flow. We use a modern day system to collect the sap from the trees with a tubing system. back in the day they would tap a maple tree with a spiel and hang a bucket on it and go from tree to tree with a horse drawn wagon to collect the sap. We still have to tap all the trees and we put a spout in each maple tree that has plastic tubing connected to it with a vacuum system connected at the bottom of the hill where a collection tank is placed. So all the sap flows down one main line to the bottom of the hill to be gathered. The sap is then picked up and brought to our sugar house where we have a oil fired evaporator. The sap goes into the evaporator and out comes pure maple syrup.